How do teeth aid digestion?

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Since food, whether digested in the mouth or other parts of the alimentary canal, must be swallowed, the food must first be broken up into small pieces. As we chew, our teeth cut and grind food into small pieces that are wetted by saliva, and finally formed by the tongue into lumps that we can easily swallow.
A tooth is a remarkable structure. The part of the tooth above the gum is the crown; below the crown, and covered by the gum, is the neck; below the neck is the root that lies in the socket of the jaw bone. A tooth has an outside covering of enamel, the hardest material in the body. Inside the enamel, and forming the main part of the tooth, is dentine. It looks like bone but is harder. In a cavity in the center of the tooth is the pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves.
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