Which birds fly the fastest?

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The fastest known bird in level flight is the white-throated spinetail swift. It has been recorded as flying at speed of over 170 km/h.

Common eiders or coastal ducks, can fly nearly 75 km/h. Dunlins (Shorebirds) once caught up with and passed a plane flying at 160 km/h! Swifts, as their name indicates, are amoung the fastest of all flying birds.

Peregrine falcons can chase their prey in level flight at 60 km/h, but when stooping or diving to catch it they reach much higher speed.

Other  high speed birds include buzzards, which can glide between 110 and 130 km/h.  Swallows are believed to be able to reach 160 km/h when migrating, but normally they do not fly faster than about 50 km/h.

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